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Our Matcha

The matcha of nana’s green tea is from the tea manufacturer with over 400 years history in Kyoto prefecture.

YAMAMASA KOYAMAEN: Kyoto’s Long-Established Uji Matcha Tea Producer


One of our major suppliers is the long-established Kyoto tea-producer YAMAMASA KOYAMAEN – the owner of a tea plantation in Kyoto’s renowned matcha region called Uji. With their passion for selling only the best flavour of tea above all else, they have contributed to the growth of Uji-grown tea since 1600.


Do you know how matcha is made? The tea leaves that are the raw material for matcha are called “tencha”.

The key to cultivating Tencha is to cover the sprouts that sprout all at once in April, with a black cover to block the sunlight after applying sufficient fertilizer. By blocking the sunlight, the umami ingredients stay on the leaves, creating a unique matcha scent called “covering aroma.”

This image on the right is a tea plantation in Uji, Kyoto, where there is a dedicated tea plantation for nana’s green tea.

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